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What is Product Placement, Why Does it Matter and How to Get It

These might be sequences in which the product is essential, leading to increased brand memory. Successful product placement requires a good fit with the media’s topic or substance. A mismatch may cause the audience to become disengaged from the story and reduce the impact of the placement. Product placement is a non-intrusive technique for brands to sell their products in an era where ad-blockers are common. It allows brands to interact with viewers without interfering with their viewing experience, which helps viewers see the brand more favourably.

Brands placed with attractive characters or settings tend to appeal to people more. These kinds of prominent placements annoy viewers for two main reasons. First, they make it obvious that they’re trying to sell us something, triggering something called “persuasion knowledge” – the phenomenon of getting defensive when we know someone is trying to persuade us.

  1. One major concern when it comes to product placement is ethical concerns.
  2. However, it’s common sense that big brand retailers can pay large amounts of money for the premium shelves and premium aisles in the grocery or retail locations.
  3. It is a characteristic of the physical product and its functional features.
  4. The contracts that authorize the product placements often dictate how, when, and how often those products are displayed.

The Federal Communications Commission has guidelines for disclosure of sponsored content, but enforcement is limited. Embarking on a mission to revolutionize retail execution, the Repsly team has consistently delivered on its commitment to enhancing the mobile and web app experience for users. If you can prove your product sells better than the competitors, you may be able to convince a retailer to upgrade your shelf spot. Activity data corresponds to the actions your teams take in the field regarding the number of store visits they make or the actions taken while in stores. The movie Cast Away tells the story ofa FedEx employee who was stranded on an uninhabited island after the planecrash.

Product placements have become more creative in the past few years, with advertisers opting to show a brand’s recognizable colors as opposed to their logo or product. While this is so, the traditional method of product placement which involves overtly showing a product or logo is still prevalent. Obvious product placement is still the most prevalent and is still seen as more authentic in comparison to traditional advertising. Comics are one of the best kinds of printed media for product placement. There is a possibility of visual characterization of the brand here.

Elements of a Successful Product Placement

Additionally, with the rise of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, product placement opportunities have expanded beyond just broadcast television and major motion pictures. By integrating products, brands can capture attention without distracting from the entertainment. Consumers can’t swipe away or block and usually don’t fast forward product placements. This is why it’s one of the most organic and influential ways to reach consumers in 2020. If Will Smith rides a Super73 Electric Motorbike or Christina Applegate drinks Empathy wine, the audience subconsciously has more trust for those brands and is more influenced to purchase from them. In a world where traditional advertising channels are getting more and more crowded, companies are always looking for new and creative ways to market their goods.

4. Product and brand placement: movie

However, thiscase demonstrates how the negligent approach of mentioning certain brands canlead to unexpected coincidences. This is an example of how the brand was unawareof the placement, which turned out in the conflict. The recent scandal case of productplacement appeared in the reboot of Sexand the City. If you’re still looking for more inspiration then check out our epic list of co-branding examples. Who says you have to reach out to Marvel so they can place your product in their next blockbuster? You can reach out to your local TV network and ask for your product to be plugged in sport shows, local news, and other programs.

Brand positioning and its role in product and brand placement

We can break down the benefits of paid product placement into three major categories. And here’s the icing on the cake – product placement has an extended lifespan and a long-term impact. Movies have a remarkable staying power through various distribution channels, enabling your brand to enjoy continuous exposure and reap the benefits of brand integration long after the film’s release. Lastly, sales data is quantitative and tracks how much is being sold within a given period.

Some people believe that such advertising is inherently dishonest and deceptive to easily-influenced children. Research I conducted with marketing professor David A. Schweidel shows that viewers tend to be turned off if the product placement is too prominent – as when a character in the show holds the product and talks about it. They’re also averse to product placements surrounded by other advertising – say, a Nike ad that autoplays before a YouTube video followed by a product placement for Nike in the first few minutes of that same video. With viewers migrating to streaming services and web videos, this trend makes sense.

We have often created programs solely for this reason – there is such a positive feel-good when something you spend your life doing day in and day out gets recognition through an entertainment vehicle. We have had numerous brands leverage this with company screenings, internal newsletter, blogs and social media – and even Hollywood trips to premiere parties as incentives. Product placement is a form of advertising in which a company pays a content creator to place its product on the set of a movie, TV shows or music video. While many product placements are the result of such paid relationships, some product placements happen because of creative decisions, such as a writer wanting a character to wear Gucci to convey the character’s affluence.

Unfortunately, the context in this situation was chosen quite theopposite. The Pelotone marketing team would have to make some effort to restoretheir position on the market. Intribe helps brands partner up to enjoy collaborative partnership marketing opportunities. Our clients tell us this delivers 10x the conversions of traditional advertising channels. Branded content is content that is produced or paid for by an advertiser whose main aim is to help their brand reach a wider audience.

Not all product placements are equal

That is why, it is so important to understand how the system of product placement works. In the near future, some research actions will be taken which will help to understand the mechanism of brand placement and how it works from the inside. But product placement in the printed press, especially in books, is relatively new and rare way of promotion. Changing preferences may be aware of the phenomenon carried out by the consumer or the consumer may be unaware that his preferences have been changed and subconsciously can choose brand pieced in text [93].

The product represents the visible attributes, while the brand reflects the guarantee and provides consumers the benefits of its strength. There are different associations related to the brand such as vision; philosophy; the characteristics of typical buyer, like personality; etc. An important issue is the halo effect, which is the main source of value created by the brand (Figure 2). It should be regarded as a synergistic effect resulting from the interaction of the visible and invisible features of the product brand value. In this aspect, well-known brand influences the perception of consumers in terms to product attributes, multiplying the effect of receiving the message. There are lots of amazing examples of using product placement in different movies.

Influencer marketing can range from very overt shout-outs to your brand to subtle inclusion of your products in a picture or post; you’ll need to work through your marketing strategy to decide what works best for you. Aside from an increase in profits, product placement can also boost brand recognition. In most cases, these large brands will have paid large sums of money for their brand advantages of product placement to be placed in these movies. While the product placement cost can be high, the payout can be even higher for the brand. It’s reported that Hershey saw a 65% increase in profits during E.T.’s movie run. Similarly, Mini Cooper car manufacturer BMW saw a 22% increase in Mini Cooper sales the year after the heist movie The Italian Job featured a fleet of more than 30 Mini Coopers.

For example, it was mentioned that brand equity is an attitude toward a branded product and added value that reflects that attitude [1, 48, 49]. But, Deery noted, this is “its own kind of realism” in a world where brands do reign supreme. On the BBC, for instance, and some American network television, brands are blurred out or hidden from the camera — which creates its own kind of uncanny viewing, a world that approximates our own but isn’t quite like it. Less tangible products, like Zillow, the real estate site, are also seeking placements. Being in a scene with a celebrity creates a perceived celebrity endorsement and stardom on the brand that truly is…just priceless. Or perhaps not priceless – but brands would have to pay quite a bit of money to get that same association through a celebrity endorsement.

The first movie with product placement was the 1920s film The Garage with signs for Red Crown Gasoline appearing constantly throughout the film. It was never officially announced that Red Crown paid for it but it was so consistent a lot of people thought so. Cross promotion or cross marketing should be a part of any product placement campaign.

Furthermore, brands that have been successful are able to quickly establish the relationships (emotional and personal) with the consumer. When it is a long-time relationship, then it will generate a brand loyalty [8]. In the next section, we provide some inspiring examples of product placement. Check them to use product placement for your company more effectively. Product placement can help your product boost in the market if you keep in mind both its advantages and disadvantages. Read the next section to discover the most popular types of product placement.

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